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How to Update the Alarm Summary and SOE screen for Citect SCADA V7.40 events logging ?

Manual refersh functionality is as per design for SOE and alarm summary. However the button which refreshes events is: TabAlarm_reloaddata(1).
this function causes a manual refresh from button. 
The following is an example of cicode function which can be used to refresh alarm automatically as a simple work around. 

FUNCTION MyAlarmList_Refresh(INT AN) 
INT session = AlarmFilterEditOpen(AN); 
IF (-1 <> session) THEN 

By default, the animation number of the main alarm list on the alarm templates of both Tab/SxW style libraries is 21. 

Second step is the create an an event which calls function at periodic intervals and refreshed alarm atomatically. 
See attached snapshot to call event and make sure you enable events from computer setup wizard else these events will fail to execute and observe automatic alarm refersh.

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