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Are there any parameters regarding Alarm Summary/SOE Display for Citect SCADA V7.40 events logging 4500 tags with 2000 events record per day ?

 Here is the default row size which can be changed as per requirement. It has some impact too on the performance. So better prescribe system with higher  specification like 64 bit processor with clock speed of more than 3 Ghz and max ram if available to avoid any performance issues. I checked the document you attached from help file. Its more related to torubleshooting incase you dont see an events on page. But is not always the case & its for reference to trouble shoot. 
Defines the maximum number of rows that can be returned in the result set for a single query. 
Increasing the QueryRowLimit may affect performance. 
Allowable Values: 0 to 4294967295 
Default Value: 200000 
For alarm summaries we have parameter like you may control this paramter to make avialable no of records and set time for number of day to make it available for 
display on summary page for viewing purpose after this timout period it will be moved out of summary page will still be available inside log files . 

The maximum number of alarm summary entries that can be held in memory. The maximum number for this parameter has been modified from 4096000 to 100000. 

The length of time that alarm summary entries remain in the alarm summary queue. 

You can disable this parameter by setting it to -1. 

Note: This parameter is modified by the Computer Setup Wizard as well as the Computer Setup Editor. 

Allowable Values: 0 to 20000 (minutes) 

Default Value: 60
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