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How to Import/Edit Tags in the Database of Vijeo Citect ?

There is no spefic template but you can edit information directly inside database files of citect project. The method is either you need to configure tags by using form in citect or use another method to edit directly inside  dbase file of citect project.
Actually in citect for each form there is a separated database file like for tags we have Variable.dbf   and similarly for alarms too.
You need to open this file with the help of ProjectDBFaddin and edit all the variables and save it.  This permits to modify dbase without going into citect.
This is the only other option you are left with.  Also not variable dbase and alarm dbase files are completely different they are not interlinked.
So modificaiton in each file is required.  See attached help file for more information related to dbase editing.

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