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Why my SCADA screen is missing the data during a time of 5 seconds during the PLC primary to standby bump-less transfer ?

A tunning process shall be done to the modnet driver parameters like timeout and watch time and retry.

The parameter 'Timeout' specifies how many milliseconds the driver will wait for a response to a request before regarding that request as failed (and either doing a retry or returning an error to Citect). The time should be long enough to avoid false errors. 
You try to set  parameters in citect.ini 
[ modnet ]
retry = 1
Timeout = 10000 or more depending on the network.
watchTime = 1 or depending on the network
Also later you can try to work with cache of IOdevice.  
This will allow pages to display data from cache rather than requesting from device.  make it 500ms or more depending on the network.Check page scan time.
We cannot Nullified #COM, We are losing communication. The system is behaving exactly as it should.

We can reduce the time #COM will be displayed by setting above mention  parameters in citect.ini.
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