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How to access my HMI through the web ?

 Vijeo Designer: WEB Gate remote connection

Vijeo Designer supports a WEB Gate remote connection with any platform which has an Ethernet connection point. 
WEB Gate supports remote visualization of Vijeo Designer applications with Internet Explorer on any PC running Windows XP or Windows 7. The size of the page displayed is determined by the terminal. 
WEB Gate supports the display of pages similar to those in the Vijeo Designer application, or of different pages, i.e. start-up pages and navigation pages can be differentiated in order to reflect the type of access (terminal/WEB Gate). 
Several connections are possible at the same time, with the number depending on the size of the application. 
The high security mode of WEB Gate excludes any risk of applications jamming as a result of variables being modified via the terminal and WEB Gate at the same time. 

Features Not Available with Web Gate

  • You cannot directly access system variables on Web Gate. However, you can indirectly access system variables by using the Read From Variable and Write To Variable properties.
  • The Toolchest security parts for modifying user account information, such as UserManager and PasswordChange, are not supported on Web Gate.
  • Alarm Summary cursor-related operations such as cursor up/down, page up/down, move top/bottom that are run on the target machine are not reflected on the Web Gate client.
  • In run time, Alarm Banner moves to the back when an error message box appears. But in Web Gate, the Alarm Banner does not change position when an error message box appears.
  • The Alarm Trigger action is not supported on Web Gate for the following functions:
  • Bit
  • Special
  • Popup Panel
  • Script.
  • The following Operations are not supported on the Web Gate client
Operation Supported/Not Supported
System Operations All system operations are supported except the following:
Controller Not Supported
Copy Data To Drive Not Supported
Copy Data From Drive Not Supported
Video Not Supported
Browser Not Supported
Image Capture Viewer Not Supported


  • Some script methods are not supported on the Web Gate client. The following table lists the supported and unsupported script methods.
Method Type Supported/Not Supported
Alarm Group/Category Methods All Methods Supported
Java Methods All Methods Supported
Alarm Summary Methods All Methods Supported
Script Driver Methods All Methods Supported
Sound Methods All Methods Supported
System Methods All Methods Supported except for the following methods:
Variable Methods All Methods Supported except for the following methods:
Equipment Methods Not Supported
Video Methods Not Supported
File Methods Supported
DiagBuffer Methods Not Supported
Recipe Control Methods All Methods Supported except for the following method:
  • Actions that run On Shutdown are not supported.
  • Strings that use a font that is not installed on the client PC may appear different from the target machine. Strings are displayed with the closest matching font that is available on the Web Gate client.
  • Popup windows on the Web Gate client always show a titlebar even though the target machine may not use a titlebar.
  • The Video Display is not supported on Web Gate.
  • Printing is not available on the Web Gate client.
  • The web browser's Back, Forward, and Refresh buttons are not supported with Web Gate. Using these buttons may cause errors during run time.
  • Function Key operations assigned to Function Keys on the target can be executed from a client's PC Keyboard through Web Gate, see Section 25.3.4 Simulating the Keyboard for information on how the Function Keys map to a PC Keyboard. The following Function Keys on the PC Keyboard will not run Function Key operations on the target machine:
  • F1 - Displays Web Browser Help
  • F5 - Refreshes Screen
  • F11 - Displays Full Screen
  • Alt + F4 - Closes current window
  • Ctrl + F4 - Closes current tab


for more information please refer attachment & Vijeo Designer Help file Section 23.

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