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Could we supply the drive driectly from a generator ?

The below guidelines must be taken into consideration when supplying the drive from a generator

1-The drive input breaker should be in off position during switching On & Off of the Generator, hence interlock can be provided in circuit accordingly
2- Switch on the input breaker to connect the generator supply to the drive after voltage & frequency synchronization.
2- Line choke to be used in order to protect from voltage fluctuations & to reduce harmonics thus reduce overloading of generator due to harmonics
3- The input voltage to the drive & frequency have to be within the limit with the accepted tolerance as per each drive catalog (i.e. the generator must deliver it to the drive within the accepted tolerance)

Generally for large systems where many generators & drives are used, try to distribute the loads such that drives & other non-linear loads do not exceed 20% of the total generator capacity

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