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what is the diference between the two push buttons(XB7EH31P) and (XB7EH35P) ?

XB7EH31P is of 1NO contact while XB7EH35P is of 1 C/O contact so the difference is in the contact composition, I have attached the catalog pages for them for your reference

The terminal description is related to the contact where as per standard EN 50013 gives the numbering & naming of the contacts as 11-12 , 13-14
OF is related to the open or close position of device

Attached is the catalog pages for XB7EH range & the datasheets for XB7EH31P & XB7EH35P

Thanks to find the 2 datasheets below :





For your Information :

The reference XB7EH31P is not commercialised and could be replaced by XB7NH31


The reference XB7EH35P is not commercialised and could be replaced by XB7NH35

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