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What is the reference of communication cable of MC-4/11/10/400 Drive which is connected to a diagnostic port with Mini-Din connector ?

The Communication Cable for the Diagnosic Port (MC-4 X7) is 15154304-030,

However the Reference 15154304-030 is obsolete and replaced by the Reference VW3E3057R030, PROGRAMMING CABLE MC 4, 3,0M

Additionally, find attached the Pin Assignment of the Programming Cable (Both cables VW3E3057R030 & 15154304-030 are having the same configuration).

PAC Drive User Manual Page 37

  User-added image

Additionally, Kindly check the Connection Configuration below for the Diagnostic Port (MC-4 X7)

PAC Drive User Manual Page 52

User-added image


1. Pin Assignment (Steckerbelegung_E-SS-057).pdf

2. PAC Servo Drives MC4 - Operating Manual

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