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Please provide me the Catalog Copies of Magnecraft / Schneider time delay relay Ref: 821TD10H-UNI .

If you want this specific reference "821TD10H-UNI", Please refer to Magnecraft at Phone#847-441-2540

In case of accepting a replacement for it, there is no One to One direct replacement for it.
The Ref: "821TD10H-UNI" was replaced by the Ref: "RE11RMMW" which became obsolete and replaced by the Ref: "RE17RMMW".

The following Relay Timers are having very close but not exact specifications to the Ref: "821TD10H-UNI"
RE7MY13MW, Time delay relay 8 functions - 0.05..300 h - 240 V AC DC - 2 C/O
RE17RMMW, Time delay relay 10 functions - 1 s..100 h - 12..240 V AC/DC - 1 OC
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