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What points should be taken into consideration when using an ATV supplied from a generator ?

It is necessary to take care of the below check points, while planning the VFD installation with Generator supply.
1. Find out the shortcircuit current (KA) rating of Generator and the check the prospective short circuit KA rating of VFD is equivelent or higher. If the KAs  rating of Generator is higher than VFD, it is mandatory to  use input line choke.
2. It is recomended to use line choke to avoid distrubance due to small voltage fluctuations. The choke also will help to reduce the harmonic and overloading of generator due to harmonic.
3. The fluctuation in voltage and frequency should be with in the tolerance provided in the drive catalog.
4. The VFD's input breaker should be in OFF position during switching ON & OFF of Generator, hence interlock can be provided in circuit accordingly.
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