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What are the recommended ratings for Protection fuses or MCBs for the monitored phases of PM200?

The fuses/mcb which are installed on primary side of voltage connections, can be selected only by customer based on following data:
- voltage level. This is 400 V;
- short circuit breaking power and Dynamic stress during short-circuit on the connection point. This must be estimated based on the short circuit current calculus into primary network circuits where the measuring voltage terminals are connected. This will be the kA capacity of fuse or mcb. selecting a fuse/mcb with correct kA value will avoid damages or burning in case of a fault.
- rated current of power meter. For voltage input terminals this is lower than 1 A, as usual 250 - 500 mA. This can be the fuse/mcb setting.
It is difficult to give a direct reference recommendation. The choice must be done according to above recommendations.
So, select a fuse/mcb with 0.5 or 1A rating and a kA value as main circuit need.
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