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I am working on twido 40DRF and i have to communicate it with GSM modem,How can I communicate the gsm modem with PLC ?

New GSM Modem SR2MOD03   is Pre-configured for Twido Controller.
Please, find in attached file a new application (file)  compatible with new GSM modem( SR2MOD03).
In fact, to send an SMS, you have to enter your phone number and after that the modem answer by ">" and when you receive this character, you have to enter your message.
With this new version, we wait the character ">" ( modem answer ) to send the message and it works fine.
Use TwidosuiteV2.0&  Twidofirmware V4.20.
The  attached  technical note and  application  program will customer  an overall idea  for  SMS  Transmission & reception  process  for a  GSM phone as recipient
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