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What is the Configuration of connecting Twido 24DRF through port 1 with EGX100 gateway on Modbus RTU interface rs485 2 wire.

In that case, the Twido PLC 24DRF used as Modbus Slave & EGX100 RS485 as Modbus Master.
It is possible to use Modbus interface with EGX100 / ETG100 to Twido over Port 1 & port 2 ( Extra Serial Communication adaptor )

1) The communication between the Twido PLC and the EGX100 you need TWD XCA FD010 Communcation cable .
(Refer to attached document for modbus connector pinout of Twido cable TWDXCAFD010.)
Refer to attached document for Twido PLC & TSXETG100 / TSXEGX100 Wiring diagram.

2) You need to Configure Twido Port 1 as 19200, 8 data bits, Even parity, 1 stop bit, Slave Address 1.

3) You try and make a small application with only comm. parameters set - Modbus addr 1 and the above parameters for the line for Port 1.
Refer to attached document for Twido PLC port1 Modbus Communication configuration.
Find attached sample application.

Also do not forget to %MW1000 (for example) to allocate some space for communication experiment - perhaps something like:

Note :-
Port 1 for all Twido compact and modular controllers is a built-in RS485 port, which must be used to communicate to the TwidoSuite programming software. So it has some limitations - not everything you set works on it.
If port 1 is used on the Twido controller, the DPT signal on pin 5 must be tied to the circuit common (COM) on pin 7.
Suggestion: - Kindly used Serial port Adaptor Port 2 for Modbus RS485 communications. (Like TWDNAC485D / T )

4) Configuration of the EGX100.
Refer to attached document for EGX100 Configuration.
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