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 The Advantys STB distributed I/O system is an open, modular input/output system
and makes it possible to design automation islands managed by a master controller
via a bus or communication network.
This distributed I/O system can be used to connect:
·          Motor-starters.
·         Variable speed drives.
·         Magelis® operator interface terminals.
·         Qualified third-party products via the CANopen bus: Festo®, Parker® valves
The Advantys STB I/O family can be divided into 2 groups of modules:
·          Basic modules: A full set of economical network modules and interfaces, with
simplified operating modes.
·          Standard modules: An extended range of input/output modules, with additional
functions: configurable parameters, extended operating modes.
The basic and standard ranges comprise:
·         NIM modules: network interfaces.
·         PDM power distribution modules (c 24 V and a 115/220 V).
·         Input/output modules:
o   Digital I/O (c 24 V and a 115/220 V).
o   Analog I/O, 10, 12 and 16 bit-resolution.
o   Relay outputs (c 24 V coil and c 24 V or a 115/230 V contact)
·         Application-specific I/O module: Counter module.
·         Dedicated modules:
o   for TeSys® Quickfit, TeSys® Model U starter-controllers application.
o   for Tego® Power applications
·         EOS end of segment and BOS beginning of segment modules.
·         External equipment support module on CANopen extension
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