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I need a combination between these devices ( Breaker, Contactor, Overload relay & earth leakage function ) 5-5 KW 12 A 380 V coil voltage 220 V AC3

You can select LUB32 + LUCA18FU to cover the safety margin on current capacity and setting tolerance . 
There is no problem to work at 380V. 
Since Tesys U this is an integrated starter with protection and switching function it conforms to Standard IEC 60947 -6-2 which defines AC 43 as an equivalent category of AC3 (defnied in IEC 60947-4-1, for Electromechanical contactors). 
This combination does not provide an effective Earth Fault protection (It is fixed at 5*Ir ) and the customer has to look for an alternate means e.g. vigirex relays etc for this function. 
The next chioce is to opt for LUB32 + LUCM18BL . 
This provides the earth fault protection in the setting range 20% to 500% of FLAmin ( min. setting limit on control unit) . 
But the limitation is to have 24VDC for the control supply as the multifunction unit is not availble for 220V AC supply option. 
The final choice is to opt for the Tesys T. 
type 2 coordinated combination is to have 
GV2L16+LC1D25 +LTMR27MFM. 
The earth fault protection is settable from the range of 50% FLC min ( min. setting on the LTMR) to 500% FLC min (for internal CTs) or 20mA to 20A for external CBCT. 
Please note that in all the above recommendation the Earth fault protection is meant for the Equipment and does not cover human beings(Operators). 
You will need to opt for the additonal RCCB to have the Human protection against earth fault.
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