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We have master pact NW08HF and we have another spare one NW08H1 with micrologic 6, please provide us with difference in installation to replace it ?

Concerning the NW08H1 and NW08HF air circuit breakers, these two circuit breakers share the same basic frame "NW08". The difference between them is the trip unit. The first has a Micrologic trip unit which is responsible for the protection functions of the circuit breaker and the second has a dummy trip unit which does not perform the protection functions of the Micrologic and this second breaker in general is called "Unprotected circuit breaker" because it does not provide protection functions (such as overload and short circuit protections for example). Usually, an external protection relay (such as SEPAM) is used along with the NW08HF to provide the required protection functions instead of the Micrologic trip unit. 

Both breakers have the exact same dimensions which is HxWxD=352x422x297 (dimensions in mm) for fixed versions and are similar in everything else making it possible to remove the old breaker (NW08HF) and install the new one (NW08H1) directly. 
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