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I have forgotten password for Zelio SR2B201BD, How to reset it?

If the user loses or forgot his password, the user will not be able to access the program inside Zelio logic.
The only solution is overwrite the program from the zelio programming software. In other words, in order to reset a password, the user has to load a new application (program) from PC to zelio logic by using serial programming cable SR2CBL01 OR USB programming cable SR2USB01. There is no secret password to retrieve back the old forgotten password or any unknown password.

For forgotten or lost passwords, the solution is to overwrite the program from programming software by adopting below mentioned method:

a) Clearing the program.
b) Module / Update module firmware.
c) Clear the Program Contained in the Smart Relay

The program's clear function can be used to erase the application loaded on the smart relay, as well as related information (password), but does not affect the smart relay and its firmware.
This operation is very useful for removing a program whose password you have forgotten.
Note: The program clear command is still valid, even if the smart relay is protected by a password.
The Clear Program function can be accessed from the Transfer menu.
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