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I hae excessive heating and melting to Okken switch board clamps. What can be the reason?

All the products in the okken swb conform to the IEC61439-1&2 and therefore meet the requested levels for heat and fire.
We need to explore the Okken catalogue and look at the derating tables there we find the 250A device is actually rated at 205A when mounted in a swb IP41/54 @ 40°C, but we should consider never to load a circuit to its maximum. If we a apply 80 to, 90% maximum loading we are ensuring that the circuit will have some security, you never run an engine at full rpm continuously, so why a protection device. Then we have to apply the conditions of functionality, meaning the product connected to the device how it is performing on a 8hr and 24hr duty cycle, if this is not known there could be a misunderstanding to select the correct device. After we have to apply another derating depending on the environmental conditions of where the swb is placed.

We have found that in a lot of instances the failures have been due the engineers having to optimise applications beyond the limits to meet business restraints, or a customer not fully knowing the final application, some cases were due to a product problem.

In conclusion, if we know all the parameters of the application and use good engineering practises we hopefully minimise the instances you have mentioned.
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