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Can we use the standard RM6 2ID with 95kV BIL having a requirement of 2400M above sea level ?

1) Yes it is still possible to use standard RM6 at this altitude but you must consider the following precautions while configuring the RM6 solution:

a) Select the proper RM6 version for Scandinavian countries (in ELONET configuration)
b) Select the pressure switch (the standard manometer is not allowed), (in ELONET configuration)
c) Avoid installation of RM6 units with 4 functions or more. In your case it is recommended to use for example RE-IDI (or DE-IDI) function with additional DE-D function and adding an extension kit to connect both functions, this is instead of one tank for 4 functions (DIDI).
d) Use "directed field connections" with RM6 units in order to maintain the insulation level at high altitudes. you can only use approved types given in RM6 catalog.

2) In order to confirm suitability & current de-ration possibility for I/D functions at this altitude, thanks also to specify the maximum ambient temperature for your RM6 installation.

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