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do we have to use a rectifier for contactor LC1F800 when the auxillary supply is DC ?

For the DC control supply there is no need for the rectifier and the supply can be connected straight away across A1 (+ve) and A2(-ve).

The add on connectors supplied are not of any use when we use the rectifier with the LC1F800 type LX4F8** coils as an example

There are other versions of the coil for specific application different contactor references, where we use this rectifier and the provided add on connectors have defined implementation to facilitate the wiring.

Please be informed that the rectifier is only required to be used when the Coil control supply available is AC.

The AC supply is connected across the input for the the rectifier and the output from the rectifier is connected to the Coil . With +ve of the rectifier to the A1 of coil and -ve of the rectifier to A2 of the coil.

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