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I installed an ION 7330 meter. After doing the setup configuration on the front panel the KWh net value keeps on resetting to zero after some time that it runs , any solutions?

Please see bellow. It may be possible that rollover value is set too low or the battery has problems and meter has power cycled.
Other cause can be a change of framework by adding a reset input to integrator module.
1. Please you can  go  to on Menu: Adv meter Setup>Integrator>kWh net>Rollover.
Set the value 10 000 000.
2. After long time stay on storage without power supply it may be possible that battery can become less power. When the battery is dead or disengaged and the it is power cycled, the meter performs a factory initialization. A factory initialization causes the meter to lose its configuration data and custom template changes.
Please note: The batteries on the 7330/7350 meter are meant to last for at least 10 years. The battery life can be checked from the front panel under Name Plate info. 
Ensure the meter is not power cycled. This can be accomplished via a backup power supply such as a UPS.

You will find attached also the user manual for ION7300.
If you experience this issue and are unable to utilize the workaround, please contact Schneider Electric or distributor to initiate an RMA to return the meter to the factory for battery replacement while avaliable.
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