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what is the temperature class and gas group for Spacial S3DEX steel enclosure (ATEX), For example: NSYS3DEX10830 ?

The "NSYS3DEX10830" enclosure (datasheet attached) has the following markings:

II 2 GD Ex e II tD A21 IP6X according to ATEX directive 94/9/ED and standards EN 60079-0, EN 60079-7, EN 61241-0 and EN 61241-1

Gas group is Group II and ambient temperature limits as mentioned in the catalogue are –25 ºC ≤ Ta ≤ +40 ºC (refer to S3DEX - Technical Characteristics.pdf)

For more details about what these markings mean, please refer to the attached ATEX markings guidelines (ATEX - UE.pdf)

You can also find the ATEX certificate itself attached.

The comments above are valid for the provided P/N as well as for the whole range of the Spacial S3DEX
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