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can the ‘SD contact (part number 29450)’ can be added to the breaker in order to get the TRIP STATUS For NSX400 breaker with BSCM module and IFM modules ?

When using communication the indication contacts slots are occupied by the BSCM and NSX cord. The solution is to use a FDM121 module which can display the status of the breaker as well as various other parameters on door of the switchboard.
Though the 29450 contact is physically same it depends on where it is fixed to acheive the required funcionality, i.e. if it is placed in the SD slot it will give trip indication, like wise other funcionality like OF, SDV, etc...
The reserved slot is for SDx/SDTAM and cannot be used for the SD purpose.
Please refer the attached document for the list of signals communicated to remote by using different combinations.

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