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is GVAN20 compatible with GV3ME63 ?

P/N GV3ME63 is a thermal-magnetic motor circuit breaker. The commercialization for this P/N has been stopped since November 2010 and it has been replaced by the GV3P** range.
P/N GVAN20 (datasheet attached) is a 2 N/O auxiliary contact block. It is not compatible with the GV3ME** range and is compatible only with the following ranges: GV2L, GV2LE, GV2ME, GV2P, GV2RT, GV3L, GV3P.
P/N GV3A02 (datasheet and instruction sheet attached) is an early break 2 N/O auxiliary contact block. It is compatible with the GV3ME** range.
Also find attached an extract from the old catalogue of the obsolete product GV3ME63 illustrating the compatible add-on blocks.

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