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What is the installation precautions & General Tolerance of the panel and printed circuit board for the Harmony XB6 Push-buttons?

6 x Ø 1.1 mm holes.
1 x Ø 2.6, 0.2 hole for locating pin, only when using socket adaptor ZB6 Y010.
1 x Ø 3.2, 0.2 hole for fixing of printed circuit board onto the front panel using body bracket ZB6 Y011.

This hole must be drilled on the left-hand side, when heads are positioned at the normal angle.
Fit a body bracket ZB6 Y011 every 72 mm maximum for cut-outs on 24 mm centres (rectangular heads) and 54 mm maximum for cut-outs
on 18 mm centres (square or circular heads).

General tolerances of the panel and printed circuit board:
T1, T2
The cumulative tolerance must not exceed 0.3 mm: T1 + T2 = 0.3 mm maximum.

Installation precautions:
Thickness of printed circuit board: 1.6 mm minimum.
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