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I have PSE 7.3 communicating with M340 PLC using Modbus TCP... I am unable to read data from PLC, i am using demo version with 1000 tags?

In Demo Mode
You can run PowerSCADA Expert without the hardware key in demonstration (Demo)
mode. Demonstration mode lets you use all PowerSCADA Expert features normally, but
with restricted runtime and I/O.
The following demonstration modes are available:
 --- > 15 minutes with a maximum of 50,000 real I/O.
 --- >  10 hours with a maximum of 1 dynamic real I/O. This is useful for demonstrations using memory and disk I/O. 
PowerSCADA Expert starts in this mode if no hardware key is available. 
If the system detects that you are using more than 1 real I/O point at runtime then it will swap to the 15 minutes demo mode.

PowerSCADA Expert  Modbus TCP Configuration .


In the Citect Project Editor, run the 

Express Communications Wizard .  
-- > Select "Next"

I/O Server   
When you create a new I/O Server, Vijeo Citect automatically suggests the name IOServer

-- > Select "Next"

I/O Device Name
Enter the name of the new I/O Device that you want to create, or accept the name IODev which Vijeo Citect automatically suggests.

- > Select "Next"

I/O Device type 
Select the type of I/O Device. You may choose an External I/O Device 

- > Select "Next"

External I/O Device 
Select the type M340 -- > Modbus TCP/IP  - > Select "Next"

Set the IP address type 

set the M340 PLC IP address.

- > Select "Next"  ---- > till finish .

check the your Configuration 

configure the Devices, boards, IO server and other parameters.

Then create the tags with the same address present in your M340 database.

Hope this helps...

 If same issue I need some further information :- 

1) M340 PLC Hardware description (Part numbers, include versions (PV and SV))
2)  Attach customer PLC & PSE applications.
3) PC description and OS version.
4) with PSE error snapshots
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