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Please confirm how many Micrologic 2.0A trip units can be connected to one power supply ref. 54444 ?

The AD Module (External Power Supply Module 54444) is rated at 1A. 

If you have only Micrologic without COM option, then you can connect 10No's. 

The power consumption of a Micrologic is 100mA and the M2C & M6C contacts is 100mA, the CCM is 60mA, so you can calculate the consumption for the units and it should not exceed 1A i.e. the rating of the AD Module. 

For your information, if the COM communication option is used, the communication bus requires its own 24VDC power supply, independent with respect to that of the micrologic control unit. 
So it means a different AD module to supply micrologic and CCM.
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