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What is the difference between CA2-DN1229FA65 and CAD32FD ?

1. Generally, P/N CAD2DN1229*A65 from the D2-line has been replaced by P/N CAD32** from the TeSys D range (where * and ** represent the coil voltage). 
2. The coil "F" used in P/N CAD2DN1229"F"A65 represents an AC coil operating at 110 VAC. 
3. If the same contactor was required to be used with a DC coil, the P/N should have begun with CA3 instead of CA2 and the P/N should have been CA3DN1229FA65 (110 VDC coil voltage) instead of CA2DN1229FA65. 
4. For your reference, the breakdown of this product’s P/N is as follows 
- First letters and digit association provide the product type and line =====> CA2DN 
- Following digits provide the construction definition (ex: N/O and N/C contacts) ====> 1229 
- Following letter(s) provide the voltage coils ====> F = 110VAC (As mentioned earlier, CA2 is for AC coils. If it was a CA3 contactor, the voltage will be 110VDC) 
- And for old contactors, when A65 was added, this meant that this contactor has a DIN rail fitting option. In the 90s, ordering this fitting "A65" was obligatory to install the contactor on DIN rail. Nowadays, all the TeSys D range come equipped by this fitting by default. 

1. You are right and the customer has some information that needs to be corrected. 
2. P/N CA2DN1229FA65 can be substituted by P/N CAD32F7 (110VAC @ 50/60 HZ) or CAD32FE7 (115VAC @50/60HZ) according to the coil voltage that it will be operating at. 
3. This replacement is not a 1:1 replacement. We do not have a 1:1 replacement and we cannot achieve 1:1 replacement. 
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