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I want to connect 4-20mA analog output from the drive to the PLC to indicate the motor current, What settings I need to modify to achieve this ?

Please find the below steps to achieve the required function for the analog output 
1-AO1 should be configured for current .
From I/O Menu : Parameter name AO1t [AO1 Type] change it to 0A [Current]
2-Set the analog output value to be 4 to 20 mA:
I/O Menuu : Parameter AOL1[AO1 min Output] to 4mA
I/O Menuu : Parameter AOH1[AO1 max Output] to 20mA
3-AO1 Configuration to indicate the motor current :
I/O Menu : Parameter AO1[AO1 assignment] to OCR [I motor]
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