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When trying to download new Firmware to Quantum PLC 140CPU534014A to use CPU in the UnityPro, I received an error in the Hardware ID ?

If error is: New firmware file HID different from Device  firmware file HID. ex (in the new Firmware file the HID is 00080008 and the Device Firmware the HID is 000800)

Error Menas  :- hardware identification codes are incompatible.
140 CPU53414A Hardware ID  and Firmware Operating system file  not equal than OS Loader Red Marker on Hardware ID.
1)  You can use 140 CPU53414A  with Unity Pro or non unity software ( Concept / ProWorX )
2) Kindly First check 140 CPU53414A  blongs to which family Unity Pro Or Non Unity Pro.  
-- > CPUs with PV < 04 :-  Non Unity Pro. kindly  use the Conceot  :- EXECLoader
CPUs with PV < 04 whose characteristics are not totally adapted to the Unity firmware.  kindly use Concept software for Firmware update.
-- > 140CPU53414A  >=04 :- Unity Pro
Minimum version required to update Quantum from Concept to Unity:  ( Kindly refer Unity Pro Help Modicon Quantum Processors Unity Operating Systems Compatibility Rules )
Attached are the 2 files needed to upgrade your Quantum 140CPU53412A PV=>04 from Concept (or Proworx) to Unity.
I've also attached the Quantum Upgrade Procedure.
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