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What is the software of the PAC drive MC-4/11/03/400. (Target Version). I want to confirm that the software SW: 00.11.31 is not compatible with this PAC drive. ?

What is important is: the PLC firmware version and servodrive MC-4 firmware version have to be compatible 
In general: 
Firmware version consist of letter V and three numbers VXX.YY.ZZ 
XX - incompatible changes 
YY - upwardly compatible changes 
ZZ - compatible changes 


PacDrive M Controller FW Version - Servo Dive MC-4 FW Version 

• PacDrive M Controller XX must be equal to MC-4 XX 
• PacDrive M Controller YY must be greater than or equal to MC-4 YY 
• PacDrive M Controller ZZ has no significance 

Example: Current CX00 PLC firmware is V00.24.00. Current firmware version of servo drives MC-4 is V00.22.01. 
This is OK because LC Cx00 YY is greater as MC4 YY. The best situation is if MC-4 have the same FW version as PLC. 

If not, you have to change (upgrade or downgrade) the servo drive firmware to be compatible with PLC firmware by the help of software tool: 
"SercosFirmwareAssistant". You can download this software for example from: 
Find attached also the presentation how to do it. 
You will need only ethernet cable to connect the PLC and the transfer the FW file to the MC-4 will be realized via Sercos ring. 
You can find the files with firmware (all versions) to be downloaded to the MC-4 on the same web page as above. Please, see "PDFirmwareV24SP3".
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