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Is it possible to transfer the commissioning data from Lexium05 drive to an identical one?

If you have 2 Lexium identical as stated & you have one of them that is configured & the other is not & you would like to have the same exact configuration or the same configuration with some editing on the other, this can be done by the PowerSuite & the cable as follow: 
1- Install the PowerSuite on the PC 
2- Connect the configured Lexium to the PC with the cable then transfer/upload the configuration file from the configured device to the PC 
3- Save the configuration file to the PC 
4- Then Connect the other lexium you would like to configure & transfer the same file to it through the PC, PowerSuite & cable 
5- Use the same configuration or edit it & customize it as per the application 

Thus, you will need to have a PC with PowerSuite & the cable (Kindly find the references indicated in the document attached) 

Actually the page 116 in the document attached by you is a backup for this particular device you have just configured, it is like saving your configuration on this device, However without powersuite you will not be able to transfer this configuration to another Lexium 

Please find an application note attached for Power Suite software getting started guide, please refer to P.7
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