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Could you please describe the advantage of performing auto tuning in ATV312HU15N4(ALTIVAR)?

Today there are methods which are similar to 
the "Plug and Play" in the world of "Motion“: 
the Auto-tuning. This system, integrated in 
the Altivar from Schneider Electric, makes 
the installation faster and easier. When the 
Auto-tuning is run, the drive will 
automatically adjust its gains, by detecting 
the type of motor under control, but also the 
load in movement.
Auto-tuning can be performed:
*Voluntarily by the operator using dialogue tools via local control or the serial link
*Each time the drive is switched on
*On each run command
*By enabling a logic input
*Auto-tuning is used to optimize application performance.
Complex applications have no more difficulties 
in control. Thanks to the auto-tuning, the 
designer and the user of industrial machines 
can concentrate on the application, regardless 
of the tuning of their motors.
Auto-tuning provides efficient responses, 
suitable and viable for mechanics. The 
controller is robust and without tracking error. 
All of these advantages come without any 
knowledge in the field of control, and with a 
minimum time for tuning adjustment. 
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