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What is the specifications of reference XX930A1B2220M12 ?

For the sensor ref. XX930A1B2220M12; 
hereafter an explanation about the reference XX930A1B2220M12, This reference is not available in our catalog ranges, it has been developed by our adaptation department for dedicated customers or OEM for example, thus do not have one to one replacement in our catalogs, Kindly find its specifications 

XX: Ultrasonic range 
9: Analog model 
30: diameter 
A1: 1m sensing range 
B2: Output mode in inverse 4-20mA (4mA ouput value at a short distance on a target and 20mA if it is a long distance) 
2: Output state is hold on loss of echo and minimum (4 mA) on power up 
2: Response time at 100ms 
0: no special function 
M12: Wiring in M12 connector 

Please find suggested similar product XX930A1A2230M12
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