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What are the complementary functions of the Controller module XPSMC16Z?

  • Dynamic monitoring of hydraulic valves on linear presses
  • Eccentric press
  • Emergency stop monitoring, with or without time delay, 1 or 2-channel wiring
  • Enabling switch monitoring, 2 or 3 contacts
  • Foot switch monitoring
  • Guard monitoring for injection presses and blowing machines
  • Guard monitoring with 1 or 2 limit switches
  • Hydraulic press
  • Magnetic switch monitoring
  • Monitoring safety stop at top dead centre on eccentric press
  • Muting function of light curtains
  • Position selector
  • Safety mat monitoring
  • Safety time delays
  • Shaft/chain breaking monitor
  • Zero speed detection
  • Light curtain monitoring (category 4) conforming to EN/IEC 61496
  • Two-hand control (category 3) conforming to EN 574/ISO 13851
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