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Is ProWorx32 software available for sale or it's life cycle has ended. ?

The End of Active Sales is announced for End of May 2015 giving a 2 year period from May 2013 to organize the transition. During these 2 years Concept and ProWORX32 will be available for active Sales. This will be followed by 8 years of service for the remaining SW references.
So customer may still purchase.  After end of service it will be full end of life.
-If it is no more available then is there any other software that can open projects that created by ProWorx32.
Unity pro is an active product and customer may migrate directly from proworx to unity pro.
-For example can Concept 2.6 software open the projects that created by ProWorx32.
There is no convert utility to get 984LL from ProWorx 32 or NxT to Concept. You would need to write the program to the controller with ProWorx. Then use Concept to create a new program and upload the ladder logic from the controller. As for the documentation, you can export ProWorx symbols into Concept and they become variables. All other ProWorx documentation (descriptors & short/long comments) will not convert over to Concept.
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