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I would like to inquire some points related to Prisma P. The points are as follows: 1) May I know if insulated busbars (with sleeves or other means of insulation) are considered in the Prisma P offer? Are the same support considered the same for HBB and VBB (bare or insuated) application? If yes, may I request for some assembly drawings showing the installation of the insualted busbars on the busbar supports? 2) Since we have decided to fabricate locally the HBB and VBB for Prisma P, may I request for all of the standard fabrication drawings for the HBB's and VBB's flat copper busbars for Prisma P?

For your information, in Prisma P system it already exists VBB and HBB in copper version or with Linergy busbar. It doesn't exist flexible busbar to do same functions. 
Heat-shrinkable sleeves possible to be used in Prisma P for HBB and VBB applications. 
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