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What is the accuracy class of ION7550 RTU. Is it Class 0.2 , same accuracy of ION7550 and ION7650 ?

All ION7550 RTU specifications are the same as standard ION7550 specifications, unless otherwise noted. Kindly find the attachment for ION7550 RTU option note that RTU option has not power meter module and the accuracy on the analogue and digital input/output for example
if the analogue output is used for the interface of energy consumption.
1) Accuracy - A number of factors cause the incorrect analogue value running on copper wiring in milliamps format.
a. Error on A/D converter and D/A converter. For any digital electronic device, the error will be made during the conversion from digital to analogue and analogue to digital. As a result, the reading at meter side and SCADA side shall be in difference.
b. Tolerant on measurement. The accuracy of analogue output / input is 5% in normal case. However, if the digital output / pulse counter is applied for the interface of energy consumption, it is overcome easily by supplying a significant voltage for each pulse.
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