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We have Conzerve EM 6400 energy meter & we experiencing the problem of "wh overflow" undesirably, integration forward reading is resetting to zero, storing the reading into old. What is the problem ?

The EM6400 series power meter contains a comprehensive integrator to support energy management. It accumulates several parameters over time, All values are direct readings and have a high resolution. This is necessary for accurate energy analysis over short intervals of time. It also means that the readings max out and reset sooner or later, . Since the Integrator contains counters for several parameters (VAh, Wh, VARh, -VARh, Run Hours, On Hours, Interruptions), they all reset together when any one of them overflows (usually Wh ).. The maximum number that the power meter handles is 9,999 Giga for RMS and energy values. 
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