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ATS48 higher rating power connection terminal are given only for Busbar in manual, can we use cables instead of Busbar?

Please refer the table provided below. The installation manual indicates maximum allowed size of cable and busbar can be used with ATS48 series softstarter. As per the information provided in user manual, the cable is allowed for softstarter up to current rating of 170 Amps. 

As per the above table the power cable can be used with low power softstarter and busbar is recommended for higher rating soft starters. It is not recommended to use cable connection directly in soft starter for higher current ratings above 170 Amps. The bigger size of power cables  can give more mechanical stress to the power terminals and it can cause over heating and damage of thyristor and power terminals. Hence it is recommended to use busbar only as recommended in the manual. The bus bar should be properly bend and should be connected without any stress on the soft starter's power terminals. The customer can provide cable termination busbars inside the panel and number of power cables as per customer's requirement can be connected in the termination bus bars provided in the panel.
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