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What are the different Quantum DEAD Error codes and there meanings ?

Here are the list of  Quantum Dead Codes and there meanings.


HEx Value                    Meaning                                Comment

  0206           Mbp out of synchronization             
  0207           Mbp Invalid Path 
  0305           Plc asic loopback test asic/dpm
  0307           bad read of plc module id
  0308           bad IOCOMERR status
  0309           bad PWRUP status
  030A           bad ID config register
  030B           bad feedback register
  0404           mbp bus interface error
  0405           timeout waiting for mbp                     See details of error in table below
  0601           ram data test error
  0701           prom checksum error

Error sub-code for mbp timeout

Hexa Value                Meaning
   01           2.5 sec interface timeout
   02           bad interface opcode
   03           interface data error
   04           interface test error
   05           interface Xfer done error
   06           bad interface path
   07           bad transfer state
   08           bad transfer length
   09           global data length error
   0A           gloabl data address error
   0B           global data not present
   0C           bad number of input paths.    

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