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Can I use NSX Breaker with Vigi module or ELR + CBCT (Vigrex 56273 in a 400 Hz network?

Kindly be informed that the NSX breaker can operate in 400Hz network,taking into consideration the following restrictions:

1- Breaking Capacity is limited to 10KA,

2- Deration should be applied to the protection settings,please refer to the attached tables for the breakers selection,for thermal-magnetic and electronic trip units.

3- For earth leakage protection,we can propose the vigirex relay which operates for frequency from 50/60Hz to 400Hz,as per the attached catalog page.

4-Please consider to add an MX to trip the breaker in case of earth leakage detected by Vigirex,but note that only 125 V DC MX releases may be used,which must be supplied by the 400 Hz system via a rectifier bridge (to be selected from attached table) and an additional resistor with characteristics depending on the system voltage.
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