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How can we adjust Analog Output (AO) scaling parameter FM in ATV212 drive?

In ATV212 drive the parameter FM - AO Scaling can be adjusted through Somove Software only. It can not be adjusted through drive keypad. 

The below three parameters should be adjusted for AO scaling.

1. F691 - AO Slope = 1

2. F692 - Analog Output Bias = 20%(to get 4 mA) ---> this parameter can be adjusted slightly to get 4 mA at zero speed. For example, during my testing(simulation) at our lab, I could get 4 mA  @ 18% setting.

3. FM - AO Scaling ----> This parameter can be adjusted through Somove software only. It can be adjusted form range 0 to 1280. The factory default value is 145, however you can adjust this parameter to higher or lower value to get 20 mA at AO terminals. For example, during my testing(simulation) at out lab, I could get 20 mA @ setting 362.

After doing the above setting  you will be able to get 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 20 mA analog output corresponding to your speed or selected parameter. 

The latest version of Somove software and DTM files can be downloaded form below link.

The new Somove version 2 and above, you should install the DTM library of Altivar drives separately. It will not be possible to connect with the drive, if the DTM library is not installed.

To connect the PC with Drive , you should have download and installed below
1. SoMove V2.2 (FDT Standalone) - latest available
2. Altivar DTM Library V11.0.6: ATV12, ATV31/312, ATV32, ATV61, ATV71, ATV LIFT, ATV212

3. You should purchase the Somove connection cable reference : TCSMCNAM3M002P - USB to RS485 converter cable 

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