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I have communication problem with Power meter DM6200 since I don't have successful measurement I would like to know from where shall i start ?

First of all we have to make sure from some points related to modbus protocol commissioning
Our meter DM6200 support RS 485 serial (industrial modbus RTU protocol)

Make sure the Whole bus has the same modbus paramters like

1-All devices support RS 485
2-Same baud rate
3-Same Parity
4-Each device has uniq Slave Address
5-Same transmission protocol , for example all bus communicate over RTU

Communication test: DM6200 digital meter can be successfully used for
communication using Modscan software as Modbus master in PC. Details
of the settings in Modscan are given in the attached user Guide

I highly recommend you to return to the configuration as described Chapter 6 – Data Communication and use modscan software and follow the steps

also you can Use diagnostic mode display in the digital meter to analyze the problem in communication as described in page 54 user guide
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