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I would Like to know more about TS49 Remote-indication bits in Sepam 80

On Sepam 80, TS49 is activated to announce that a new disturbance recording (OPG file) has been recorded by Sepam. Disturbance recordings can be triggered by several sources: protections, inputs, Sepam logic, logic equation or Logipam. Once a new disturbance recording is available, TS49 is high for 28 ms (corresponding to two internal Sepam cycles). This means that TS49 is automatically cleared after 28 ms. With such a short time, it is not recommended to poll this TS49 by Modbus polling as you can lose some announces of new disturbance recordings.
When TS49 is activated (and deactivated too) an event is created. So the best way to be informed that a new disturbance recording is available on Sepam 80, is to read the time-tagged events by communication mean (Modbus). By doing this way, you are sure not to forget one disturbance recording occurrence.

For more details please check the manual attached 
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