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The Benefit for using VarPlus Logic in your system


Maintain power factor to avoid penalty - Optimise the preventive maintenance

  • Monitoring of all the connected capacitor steps with real time power in kvar
  • Remaining step capacity as a % of the original power since installation
  • Number of switching operations of every connected step

Hassle free commissioning of capacitor bank

  • 3 step commissioning process in stable loads
  • Automatic initialization and step detection
  • Automatic correction of connection errors while installation

Flexibility for design of capacitor banks / Flexibility in retrofitting

  • Easy design of  capacitor bank
  • No step sequence restriction like in the traditional relays
  • Easy retrofit with any available capacitors

Seamless integration - Easy monitoring, alarm and control

  • Integration in your existing Schneider Electric solution software or gateways, with RS485 Modbus protocol
  • Monitoring of network parameters, temperature, harmonics with 12 different alarms
  • Automatic corrections by switching off steps in case of any system abnormality  
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