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What is the main Function for the Special Micrologic 2-AB that is installed with NSX MCCB?

Compact NSX circuit breakers equipped with Micrologic AB trip units are installed as

incoming devices for consumer installations connected to the public LV distribution


With respect to the utility, they have two functions.

** Consumption is limited to the contractual power level. If the limit is exceeded, a

fast thermal-protection function trips the device at the head of the consumer's

installation without the utility having to intervene.

 ** Total discrimination is ensured with the upstream fuses on the public distribution

system in the event of a fault, overload or short-circuit in the consumer's installation,

protecting the utility line.

In addition, they provide the consumer with:

** protection for the installation as a whole, with the possibility of adding a Vigi

earth-leakage protection module

**  the possibility of downstream discrimination.

This type of Compact NSX is often used in conjunction with an Compact INV

switch-disconnector located outside the consumer's building and providing the

visible-break function.

This means the operator can directly see, through a transparent cover, the physical

separation of the main contacts. The Compact INV range is also suitable for isolation

with positive contact indication.

This means utility operators can work on the service-connection unit after isolating it

from the upstream line.

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