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Is there a derating to apply to NSX at -35°C?

 For the derating of the Compact NSX range, exceptionally, the circuit breaker may be put into service when the ambient temperature is between -35°C to -25°C with NO derating, but with an enlargement of tolerance (mechanical and electrical closing guaranteed without untimely opening and with protection functions insured but with an enlargement of tolerances). Between -35°C and -25°C, operating tolerances can be increased. Find attached the increased tolerances for the Compact NSX range for temperatures between -35°C to -25°C. 

-For the Canadian market the differential and ground-fault protections must operate in the tolerances from -35°C (requirement of CSA 22-2 144M91 (" Ground Fault circuit interrupter ") 

Extension of tolerances of the Marketing Specs : 
Thresholds : + 5% 
Time-delays : + 10% 
(No enlargement of tolerances for ground-fault and differential protections conformable to CSA 22-2 Canadian market) 
Must operate within tolerances after return to - 25° C. 
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