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    Top 4

    Rechargeable lamp for domestic and professional use

    A portable lamp, ideal for community and domestic use

    Top 4
    • Features

      Top 4 is a very rugged portable rechargeable lamp. Provided with coloured filters, it can be used with its flashing mode for emergency interventions.
      When plugged into 230 V, it switches on automatically when the mains fails.
      Rechargeable on the mains, it includes a mains cable inside the optical unit.
      It features two bulbs: a 5.5 W searchlight and a 1.5 W auxiliary light
      A portable lamp, ideal for community and domestic use.

      Main features
      Very robust, suitable for harsh environments
      Up to 320 lux at 2 metres
      Designed for tough applications and built with very strong materials
      Choice of long-distance beam light or diffuse light
      The lamps may be used in flashing mode with coloured screen
      Accessories: 12/24 V vehicle charger, diffuser-signaller and lamp support
      Range description
      One product reference
      One 5.5 W xenon bulb and one 1.5 W incandescent bulb
      Normal and flashing modes
      Technical information
      320 lux at 2 metres and 5 lux at 1 metre
      IP 40
      Battery autonomy: 3 h (main 5.5 W light) and 15 h (1.5 W auxiliary light)
      Non-maintained mode
      Spare parts available


      High performance and quality
      The lamp may be used in flashing mode with coloured screen
      Selection between long distance beam light and diffuse light During recharging, if a blackout occurs, the lamp will automatically switch on


      A wide range of applications, from night watches to military and police use, from rescue to security utilization
      Developed to ensure a reserve of light in every situation