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    Harmony push buttons and signaling devices

    Discover our extensive range of control and signaling devices for easy and reliable operations intended to industrial applications.

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    Harmony XB4, XB5 – Designed to perform

    A complete offer for your harsh environment applications.

    Discover Harmony XB4 Discover Harmony XB5
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    Harmony XB4R / XB5R – Wireless and battery-less mobile box

    Freedom of mobility around your machine or process.

    Explore our wireless push-buttons
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    Harmony eXLhoist wireless remote control

    Increase the ease of controlling your hoisting operations without compromising safety.

    Discover our industrial remote control
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    Harmony XB4, XB5, XB7 flush mounting kit

    Add a touch of style to your control panels

    Harmony control and signaling solutions make your life easier

    Harmony solutions combine simplicity, reliability, and availability making it easy to adapt to the demands of your application, no matter how complicated. Whether you need push buttons, emergency stop devices or signal towers, you’ll find your solution with Harmony.


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    • Default Alternative Text The widest and most comprehensive range, from wireless pushbuttons to control stations, designed and built to last.
    • Green earth icon A complete and consistent offer. Worldwide certification, local availability from over 10,000 outlets.
    • Default Alternative Text Create a brand new look and feel with the Harmony flush mounting kit for Harmony XB4,XB5, XB7.
    • Harmony flush mounting kit Add a touch of style

      The New Harmony flush mounting kit is a cost-effective solution designed to upgrade the aesthetics of your Harmony pushbuttons and pilot lights, whether plastic or metal.

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    • Harmony eXLhoist A wireless remote control

      Increase the ease of controlling your hoisting operation without compromising safety. Ergonomic and robust to maximize the uptime of your applications.

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    • Harmony XVU The pure tower light

      Stay efficient with status notifications and ensure high end safety for people and processes while boosting machine style in Industrial areas.

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        • Harmony Signaling

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        • Harmony XB5R Push Button Programming

          Learn how to install and setup the Harmony XB5R wireless & battery-less button. Improve productivity, and mobility while lowering production costs.
        • Harmony control and signaling devices -- built to last !

          Learn how the Harmony range of control and signaling devices is built to last.